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US DOLLAR 1 Buying 102.70 Selling 103.30

GB POUND 1 Buying 135.94 Selling 137.66

SWISS FRANC 1 Buying 103.12 Selling 104.17

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 77.21 Selling 77.99

CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 79.57 Selling 80.38

SINGAPORE DOLLAR 1 Buying 75.67 Selling 76.43

HONGKONG DOLLAR 1 Buying 13.10 Selling 13.23

JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 9.02 Selling 9.18

EURO 1 Buying 120.25 Selling 121.46

CHINESE RENMINBI 1 Buying 15.45 Selling 15.60

THAI BHAT 1 Buying 3.14 Selling 3.17

KOREAN WON 10 Buying 0.93 Selling 0.95

SAUDI RIYAL 1 Buying 27.27 Selling 27.55

QATARI RIYAL 1 Buying 28.09 Selling 28.38

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Cash Certificate Scheme

This is a unique product which is intended to cater to the demand of those depositors who want higher return on small investments. This is in fact a discounted value system, the maturity of which has been fixed as the height of Mount Everest (i.e. 8848 mt. & 29029 feet)
Target Group   : Individuals, professionals, housewives who want to invest small deposits for 2-3 yrs period

A fixed amount shall be deposited for fixed tenure with fixed maturity value. The maturity value will be Rs.8,848.00 and Rs.29,029.00 matching to the height of Mt. Everest. The depositor has to deposit discounted amount as indicated in the table to get the maturity value.

Premature Cancellation/Loan:-
Alike normal deposit scheme, premature cancellation will be allowed in this scheme as well. In case of premature cancellation, 1% less interest on published rate (normal FD) will be paid for the actual period of deposit. Similarly, loan will be allowed to the extent of 90% of deposit with interest rate of 12% p.a.