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This scheme has been launched with an objective to mobilize small & medium sized deposits from individuals/institutions intended to have liquidity feature with flexibility in long-term investment. Further, it also caters to the needs of persons/entities want to have higher returns than a regular savings account with varying level of liquidity.

Target Customer:
Individuals (Self-employed, Professionals, Housewives, Minors under guardianship etc.)
Corporate entities, Trust, Charitable & Educational institutions etc.

Key Features:
Target customers will have the following conveniences:
Flexibility – Allows withdrawal (up to 50% of original deposits, in multiple of Rs.10,000.00 not more than 5 times) even before the maturity, without any penal charge.
• The Interest on such premature withdrawal will be paid at the rate applicable to the period for which the deposit has remained with the Bank. (int. rate at the time of initial deposit or prevailing rate whichever is lower will be considered).

• Account can be opened by an individual- singly or jointly, by a minor through his guardian.
• In case of corporate entities, account will be operated as decided by the competent board of those institutions.
• More than one account can be opened by a depositor.

Minimum Deposit:
• Rs.1.00 lacs up to Rs.100.00 lacs (in multiple of Rs.1.00 lacs).

Interest Rate:
• As per Normal Fixed Deposit rate.

• Minimum 1 year to maximum 10 yrs.

Payment of Interest/Principal Amount:
• The amount invested in the scheme shall attract rate of interest prescribed by the Bank on normal Fixed Deposits from time to time. The depositors will get the Principal amount at maturity and Interest amount on quarterly intervals.

Borrowing Facility:
• Depositors may borrow up to 90% of their deposit at interest rate of 1.5% above the deposit rate besides premature withdrawal facility.