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CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 79.57 Selling 80.38

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JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 9.02 Selling 9.18

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Normal Saving Account

Normal savings account is a deposit account held at a bank maintained by a customer for the purpose of accumulating funds over a period of time while earning an interest. 

Saving account can be opened in NPR for the Nepalese citizen and in USD for foreign citizens with valid password and job appointment letter. Nepalese citizen who have foreign currency source of income can open foreign currency account. 

 Interest rates

Interest rate is calculated on Daily Closing balance and payable on quarterly basis.

The account opening form can be collected from the branch or downloaded by clicking here. The duly filled account opening form along with the relevant document can be submitted at the branch near you.

EBL's Saving Account offers you various benefits

◊ Free Cheque books.

◊ Minimum Balance of NPR 500/- to open savings account in any branches.

◊ Free Statement on demand.

◊ Unlimited withdrawal.

Evening counter facility *

◊ 365 days banking*

* at selected branches only

Required documents for deposits:

For personal accounts:

  •  Citizenship Certificate or Passport
  •  2 PP size photos