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US DOLLAR 1 Buying 109.40 Selling 110.00

GB POUND 1 Buying 142.68 Selling 144.49

SWISS FRANC 1 Buying 108.77 Selling 109.87

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 81.46 Selling 82.28

CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 82.45 Selling 83.28

SINGAPORE DOLLAR 1 Buying 79.74 Selling 80.55

HONGKONG DOLLAR 1 Buying 13.87 Selling 14.02

JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 9.65 Selling 9.83

EURO 1 Buying 126.70 Selling 127.98

CHINESE RENMINBI 1 Buying 16.24 Selling 16.41

THAI BHAT 1 Buying 3.27 Selling 3.30

KOREAN WON 10 Buying 0.96 Selling 0.98

SAUDI RIYAL 1 Buying 29.04 Selling 29.33

QATARI RIYAL 1 Buying 29.92 Selling 30.22

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Vehicle Loan

Purpose To purchase car / van / jeep/ Multi Utility Vehicles/ Sports Utility Vehicle
(non-commercial purpose only) for individual and business concerns
Eligibility Gross monthly income (Self employed/Business/Salaried & Other income) of borrower along with that of spouse/other family members should be at least double of monthly installment of the loan
Limit For individuals: 30 times of Net Monthly income or loan amount whichever is lower
For business concerns: Need Based
Margin Natural Person (for personal purpose)- not less than 35% of purchase price of vehicle 
Electric Vehicle (for personal purpose)- not less than 20%
For vehicle: used in providing services like public vehicle (with minimum 40 seats), construction, tourism, education, health and transportation- not less than 25% of purchase
Interest rate Competitive rate
Repayment  up to 7 years (In Equal Monthly Installments)
Security Registration of the vehicle in the name of bank
Acceptable Collateral security
Personal guarantee of person(s) acceptable to the Bank shall be obtained.
Insurance Comprehensive policy with third party insurance as per banks' clause.