ब्याज दर - कर्जा

श्रावण १४, २०७६ (जुलाई ३०, २०१९) बाट ब्याज दर प्रभावकारी

29 records

ID Credit Facilities Interest Rates Pa
1 WC—OD/ STL/ DL/ TR (Rs. 5 cr. and above)* BR+2 .00% to BR+7.00%
2 WC—OD/ STL/ DL/ TR (above Rs. 1 cr. but below Rs. 5 cr.)* BR+2 .25% BR+7.25%
3 WC—OD/ STL/ DL/ TR (upto 1 cr.) BR+2 .50% to BR+7.50%
5 Term Loan (below 3 years) BR+2 .00% to BR+7.50%
6 Term Loan (3 years above) BR+2 .50% to BR+7.50%
7 Margin Lending BR+2 .75% to BR+6.75%
8 Hire Purchase BR+2 .50% to BR+6.50%
9 Vehicle Loan BR+2 .50% to BR+6.75%
10 Housing Loan (upto 1 cr.) BR+ 2 .25% to BR+6.50%
11 Housing Loan (above 1 cr.) BR+3.00% to BR+7.25%
12 Education Loan BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
13 Flexi Loan—Overdraft (below Rs. 50 lacs) BR+3.25% to BR+7.50%
14 Flexi Loan—Overdraft (Rs. 50 lacs and above) BR+3.75% to BR+7.50%
15 Flexi Loan—TL (below Rs. 50 lacs) BR+4.25% to BR+7.50%
16 Flexi Loan—TL (Rs. 50 lacs and above) BR+4.75% to BR+7.50%
17 USD denominated FCY loan Linked with LIBOR as per tenure of facility subject to premium / discount applicable
18 Loan against liquid assets (FDR, Govt. Bond/National Saving Bond) 2% above coupon rate
19 Deprived Sector (MFI & NBFC) BR+2 .25% to BR+6.50%
20 Deprived Sector (Others) BR+2.75% to BR+7.25%
21 Loan against consumable goods BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
22 Professional Loan BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
23 Future Lease Loan BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
24 Retail Space Loan BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
25 Agro Loan BR+2 .00% to BR+6.50%
26 Loan against Pension BR+2 .25% to BR+6.50%
27 Retail Loans under Tie Up Arrangement As per Tie Up Arrangement subject to minimum Base Rate
28 Advance against Life Insurance Policy BR+2.75% to BR+7.00%
29 Finance against Salary to Confirmed Permanent Staff BR+3.75% to BR+7.50%
30 Finance against Salary to Confirmed Permanent Staff under Tie Up Arrangement AS per Tie Up Arrangement subject To minimum Base Rate

*आन्तरिक जोखिम दर्जाको अधीनमा
*सह-वित्तीयकरण कर्जा  को हकमा ROI सह-वित्तीयकरण सम्झौता को अनुसार हुनेछ