Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
Manisha Suppliers 1 Bhojpur Bhojpur 029-420234/9842135134/9842050678
Bittiya Money Transfer Balankha 1 Bhojpur Balankha-8 Bhojpur 025-695976
Shivam Suppliers 1 Bhojpur Near to Arun School Dingla Bazaar Mulpani 7 029-620120/9842036120
Jenish Traders N Money Transfer, Dingla 1 Bhojpur Mulpani-7 Dingla, Bhojpur 9852052145/9842499990
Shree Om Suppliers And Money Transfer 1 Bhojpur District Police Office 5 029-420079
Milan Stores, Bhojpur 1 Bhojpur Bhojpur-5, Bhojpur Bazar, Bhojpur 029-420217/029-420079
Surkhet Business Center-head Office 1 Bhojpur Dandagaun 083-522023/9802500220
Samjhana Money Transfer Ranibaas 1 Bhojpur Ranibaas-8 Ghoretar Bhojpur 029-429067/9807399181
Tulasha Money Transfer 1 Bhojpur Devaantar 08 Boyang 025-586851/9842024690
Jalpa Money Transfer 1 Bhojpur Deurali-1, Bhojpur 9852052712