Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
Enviroment Development Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd 6 Dailekh Dullu Na.Pa7 Dullu Bazaar
Prabhu Bank Limited-dailekh Branch 6 Dailekh Dekendra Chowk 089-420570/089-420571
National Co-operative Bank Ltd-dailekh 6 Dailekh Dailekh 089-420577/9801809647
Mega Bank Nepal Ltd-dailekh Branch 6 Dailekh Debkota chowk 089-420566/420567
Bouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-dullu Branch 6 Dailekh Near Police Station Dullu Bazar Dullu 07 Dailekh 089-411030/9802511818
Siddhartha Bank Ltd-dailekh 6 Dailekh Ward No. 1 Narayan Municipality 089-420560
Bouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-chuppra Branch 6 Dailekh Old Bazar Chuppra Belpata 05 Dailekh 089-690554/9802516662
Apex Development Bank Limited-dailekh 6 Dailekh Narayan Nagarpalika 089-420628
Bouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-dungeshor Branch 6 Dailekh Near Police Station Dungeshor Dadaparajul 03 Dailekh 089-690555/9801318844
Bajrabarahi Redymade Pashal And Order Suppliers 6 Dailekh Purano Bazaar 089-4200501