Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
R.k Money Transfer And Stationary 6 Dolpa Dunai Bazar 087-550101/9858023201
B.c Trade And Suppliers 6 Dolpa Sadarmukam 087-550017/9851153351/9858023912
Kalika Trade Link And Sub Money Transfer-dunai,dolpa 6 Dolpa Dunai 9868360924/9851060797
Karnali Energy Dev. And Stationery Dunai 6 Dolpa Dunai Bazar , Dolpa 087-550092/9851131623
Khatri Electronics Juphal 6 Dolpa Juphal-1 Dolpa 9860383238
Mobile Reparing Selling Buying Center 6 Dolpa tripurakot -Dolpa 9741516110
Dolpa Himalayan Money Transfer 6 Dolpa Jufal-1 Dolpa
Citizens Bank International Ltd-dolpa Branch 6 Dolpa Dunai Bazar 087-550189/190
Dolpo Himalayan Money Transfer-head Office 6 Dolpa Juphal 01 airport 9748901072/9856036003