Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
Janutthan Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd 2 Siraha Lahan-1, Saptari 033-562487
Arvind Money Transfer 2 Siraha Golbazar-4, Siraha 9803230273
Kisan Agriculture Cooperative Ltd Bishnupur 2 Siraha Bishnupr-7, Siraha 033-402011/9842638876
Lalima Money Transfer Ramaul 2 Siraha Ramaul, Siraha-.5, Siraha 033-.520699/9814720329
Shree Shivam Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd 2 Siraha Sukhipur2 9816517370/9815701031/9844405310
Ma Manakamana Saving N Credit Co Ltd, Asampur 2 Siraha Asampur-7 Goalbazar, Siraha 033-540440/ 9852832528
National Co-operative Bank Ltd-lahan,siraha 2 Siraha Lahan 033-562233/9801809632
Rosani Sub Money Transfer 2 Siraha Siraha-7,Near DDO, Siraha 9852832988
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-sukhipur Siraha 2 Siraha Sukhipur 5 033-693825
Salman Money Transfer, Siraha 2 Siraha Bhaluwa, Siraha 9852832192