Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
Karik Baba Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd 2 Mahottari Balba08 044-691499/9854022259
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-aurahi Mohatari 2 Mahottari Aurahi
Ganesh Saving And Credit Co Ltd Pipra 2 Mahottari Pipara-2, Mahottari 041-522136/9844038835
Bardibas Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd 2 Mahottari Bardiwas01 044-550056/9844045847
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-bardibas Regional Office 2 Mahottari Bardibas 044-550485
Jana Sachetana Saving N Credit Co-operative Ltd Gorhana 2 Mahottari Meghnath, Gorhana-7, Mahottari 9807675142
Maa Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd 2 Mahottari Balwa3 9744017481/9860268389
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-gaushala Mahottari 2 Mahottari Gaushala 2 9754204246
Janata Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd 2 Mahottari Aurahi3 044-411010/9844167790
Janata Saving N Credit Co, Aurahi 2 Mahottari Aurahi -3, Mahottari 9844167790,9854026766/9854026119